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Healing dance coach & more…

Everything that I transmit comes from my own personal journey as a mother, a spouse, an entrepreneur, a woman…as a human !

Emmanuelle Epstein

Let me introduce myself. My name is Emmanuelle but you can call me Em !

Em like “Love” in French !

Because Love is the core of my work. I welcome all of you, and this is how magic happens !

I am known to create safe spaces where you can slow down and express all of what you are. And safety is not an option to be able to expand into new parts of ourselves !

I work with the body, for the body and through the body.

I guide women and men to rediscover their fire, their soft power, feet on the ground, with an open heart and a silent mind, experiencing new pathways out of fear and anxiety.

The magic I bring is energetic. By realigning the body and the mind, you gain clarity and serenity.

And then you understand because you can feel

And then you can relax into the unknown

And then you trust no matter what

As a dancer and choreographer, I spent my life exploring body sensations and I became a joyful expert of the body !

I make no compromise between playfulness and depth !

I love to sink into the depth of the soul, with humor, and compassion ! Because life happens no matter what !

Where I come from…

I come from real ordinary life !

Traumas, abuses, the hatred of my body, suppressed sexuality, co-dependant relationships, food addictions…I had a crazy pace of life to avoid feeling. The shame of my needs, of my pleasure.

I was a woman unable to raise my voice and take my real place in this world.

Life actually ! 

I transformed my pain into joy and purpose. Life and body are my teachers !

I guide you to reconnect to the aliveness of your body and its fluidity. And embody those qualities in your daily life.


My embodiment is the core of my spirituality ! 

The transformation…

I exhausted myself thinking ! I exhausted myself doing !

So I became a dancer and a choreographer. This is where I learned how to feel and express myself. 

I sat in circles with other human beings. I felt what trust was, what it is to be fully welcome without needing to change or fix anything.

How being able to speak our radical authentic truth is our super power !

I discovered what Love is.

From women circles I experienced sisterhood, exploring my sensuality and my sacred womanhood.

In mixed gender groups, I found my inner feminine and masculine balance. I learned boundaries and grounding.

My certifications and inspirations

Maya Luna | The Deep Feminine Mystery School 
Journeying with Maya as my Mentor made me realize that my body is the divine vessel to sacredness. The doorway to the soul.

Philip Shepherd | The Embodied Present Process 
TEPP Facilitator Certificate.
 A powerful embodiment training to stop thinking, doing, and surrender into being in the now! 

Christian Pankhurst | Heart IQ 
Circle Facilitator Certificate. Language of the heart as a pillar to healthy relationships. Integration of our mental, physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual  parts. 

Lin Holmquist | The Art of love 
Tantra Therapist Certificate. Tantra as an authentic way to step into intimacy. Pleasure as a nervous system healing tool. Sacred sexuality. Going back to where we all com from, in an innocent and beautiful way ! Out of shame. 

Elisabeth Maille | Pur et Lux 
Shamanic transmission inspired from the School of Energy Medicine and Healing of Dr Alberto Villoldo.

Karin Locher | Centre of Spatial medicine 
Spatial Medicine Basic Movement Applications Certificate. Fascias is a magic doorway to relax our nervous system. Moving our bodies with fascias consciousness is our inevitable future.

Célina Hwang | Fascia Pilates 
Immersion and Transmission Certificates. Revisiting Pilates mat work through fascias and biotensegrity. 


Graduated from MBA ESSEC Business school (École Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales, Paris). Diplôme d’État as a Dance teacher. Bac + 2 degree in psychology.

I am a healer who doesn’t heal you.

I bring you into presence to your own world.

Empowerment comes from self responsibility : How do you chose to respond to this world?

What you experience journeying with me

My clients ask me “what do you do in your sessions ?”. This is the mind trying to grab what only the body can understand. We are so used to “mind based therapies” !

Let’s be a little adventurous. Make the first step and the rest will come !

I gained a huge toolbox from by body expertise and life experience. We co-create a space where we trust that what comes in the present moement is the perfection of what you need.

What you can get :

Energy back in your body, a silent mind, safety, laughter, dance, music, touch, energetic healing, the ability to deal with your emotions and your discomfort, an expanded body, self-love, sensual and sexual empowerment

From that place of alignement you experience what your higher self wants for you : more purpose in your life, nurturing relationships !

More joy, more pleasure, more Love !

What else ?


Ready to try something new ?

Feeling at home and at peace in your body is the way to feel yourself belong to this world !

We are not meant to do that alone !