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Find the sacred dance of your soul !

Embodiment – Empowerment – Freedom – Confidence



Time for change : "Body is the new doorway to heaven! Silence your mind by sensing your body!"

To be able to free yourself from the stories of the past and the anxiety of the future, you need to sense your body in this present moment!


You need to open the channel of your bodies and go back to the pleasure of moving and feeling alive. When you dance your mind is silent. It is in the silence of your thoughts that you know who you are and what is the next step needed in your life.

Embody the movement you want in your life! Dancing is Healing!


Your longing is

to be free to dance until the end of the night, feeling the aliveness of each and every part of your body,

to laugh, to cry, to be able to speak your truth without holding back.

to be surrounded by your tribe: same values, heart connected

You are different, unique, and you are ready to show it to the world no matter what…

Giving meaning to your life is a priority!

You want

to experience intimacy in your relationships, this nurturing space where you discover what it is to be fully You and to be loved for All of who you are!

to have a blissful sexual life, in a sacred and innocent way, heart connected, being able to express clear noes and clear yeses, allowing your sensuality to be soft or wild, respecting yourself in every moment

to get rid of shame, guilt and self judgements,

to find your way back to experience a fulfilling life, that is your birth right !


How long more will you wait?

Are you ready to take off ?



Your time has come !

The speed pace of your life is you running away from yourself !

Playing small is not for you anymore !

You are tired of doing it the hard way !

Exhausted of thinking, you want your body back into your life !

You are ready  to listen to the calling of your soul

I offer

Personal development in a new way 

Self growth while dancing and laughing !

Exploring your shadows by going towards the light

Dance and movement as a golden tool to expand !

Ending with old stories and bring changes, for good ! 

Energetic alignement is the way to find trust in your highest projects far beyond what your mind can even imagine…

Feeling at home in your body, taking responsibility in what you live, finding your power back into your choices, with consciousness.

Experience fluidity, pleasure, authentic and nurturing relationships

I had incredible sessions far beyond my expectations. I experienced softness in my body as if I could finally rest.

Being guided by Emma, I could feel the accurate balance between words and embodiment, leading me to my deep presence where nothing else mattered than this moment in this session.

Lightness and clarity where my main take aways!

Deep gratitude!


“You are an extremely courageous being and you deserve to live a blissful life !

You are ready to walk your talk !

My offers

Dance your Spirit “The Workshop”

A sacred embodied circle for women

My first Online Program

Coming in September. Stay tuned !

The 3 months one to one program

3 months where we walk hand in hand on a daily basis to

help you take the quantum leap you need in your life now !

Private sessions


In Tel Aviv

In Geneva


1 to 1 session

You are waking up from a life where you gave so much to all the people around you ! You felt exhausted many times but you don’t even know how to do it another way

You navigate into life with so much anxiety. You are trapped in what you could have done better in the past, what you should do better in the future

You need purpose in your life : the good job, the good place, the good people

Your body brings you more problems than solutions !

Life is short ! You want more joy, more pleasure and more lightness in your life ! 

You want to end with guilt and shame when it speaks of you being first and being in the center of your life 

You are a passionate and a solar woman. You know what you want and you are ready to get there ! 

I work in person and on line

one to one / couple / collective spaces


Welcome into my world !

I am very good at making changes into my life, big ones, for the sake of my soul expansion!

Professional :
I switched from a MBA to a dancer and choreographer career

Then I became a pedagogic and artistic director of the dance school I created 15 years ago, a structure with 700 dancers and a pre-professional course

Today I am a lightworker.  I am a healing dance coach, an intimacy guide, specialized in relational dynamics and sacred sexuality.

Moving :
From Rabat to Paris
From Paris to Lucern
From Lucern to Geneva

And today…Tel Aviv

Personal :
I ended up with a 30 years relationship.

From being a wife, a mother, I finally became a Woman

I chose to live out of fear and to get closer to my soul purpose

I’ve experienced Emma as a circle facilitator. I felt deeply safe, welcome and seen!

I could expand my consciousness, expand my capacity to feel the sensations in my body, out of shame and guilt.

My anxiety and my thoughts dissolved quasi immediately. I felt my energy rising.

I made room for my own body and I’m learning to love it more and more!


My gifts for you !

Because a stretching class can’t release the strong micro tensions you create all day in you body!

Coming very soon !

Changing the way you walk will change your life. Healing while walking!

Coming very soon !

I am experiencing my body in a new way. New parts came alive, no more pain in my back! Like if I received an energetic and physical realignment!  

I could silence my self-judgements and grow compassion for myself. 

I have this deep feeling of not being alone anymore!

Each session was deeply transformative on my personal journey.❤️


Less mind, more body…

…more body, more intuition

…more intuition, more right decisions…

…more right decisions, more direction, more joy, more pleasure,

 …this is the way to share your gifts into the world

and SHINE!



You are by the fireplace or on the beach. The temperature is perfect. You feel the warmth caressing your skin. 

That other one is there. You look at him/her, eye to eye. You feel calm and safe in your body. You don’t have to do anything, you don’t need to anticipate anything, you don’t worry about what he/she might think, you own your full yes and no in any situation or conversation, effortlessly. 

By saying no, you have no fear of hurting him/her, or of being rejected or abandoned. 

You don’t need him/her. You just chose to be here with him/her. 

You feel comfortable in your body, you don’t pull in your belly, you don’t tighten your buttocks, you are you, in the most authentic way, because you have enough self-love and you don’t abandon yourself anymore. You let yourself be… 

You have created such a relationship with your body that you know when to rest, what to eat, how to breathe. You have simple and powerful tools to release you anxiety, to manage your emotions. You are in contact with your energetic body.

When a situation is not good for you, when you have to take a decision, you trust your guts and your intuition.  

You are self-confident
You trust life whatever she brings you
You know who you are
You know what you want
You  have an idea of what is your soul mission on this earth
Your heart is wide open
No more struggles are needed
Welcoming your emotions is feeling alive
You are journeying with clarity and flexibility 

You surrender to the present moment 
You can connect to anyone because you are safe and connected to yourself…


A newsletter as an inspiration, an invitation to listen to your body, your sensations, your emotions, with love and compassion.

I share also the golden nuggets I found on my own journey of self growth and empowerment.

You will also get simple tools and easy practices to use in your own pace



Let’s meet Online!


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